Caribbean Bookstores Are Failing Caribbean Writers

It isn't a novel problem. Read more and share your thoughts. Read more

2011-2013 Short Story Competition Results

First published on Friday 6th May 2013, our Caribbean short story competition attracted over 60 writers. Today we announce the winner. Read more

Interview With A Passionate Poet

Robert R.Gibson is a member of the League of Extraordinary Poets in Barbados and enjoys painting sensual images with his words, leading his audience into a sensory experience. Read more

Man Of Steel (Non-Spoiler Review)

Potbake's Kimberly Badloo saw Man of Steel. Here's what she has to say about the movie. Read more

A Menace To Society?

Sherwin Joseph spent 10 calendar years behind prison walls in Trinidad and Tobago. Now he's out and he's written about his experience. Read more

My Publishing Journey

Kevin Hosein recently published Littletown Secrets. Read the climax to his experience. Read more

Why Raymond Ramcharitar Is Wrong

In a Trinidad Guardian article, Raymond Ramcharitar says that we need fewer local writers, less local writing. Here's what Lyndon Baptiste has to say. Read more

Chatting With Hugh Blanc caught up with Canadian-born Trini Author Hugh Blanc, and got to talking about his debut novel, Between Bodies Lie Read more

G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Movie Review

This sequel adds more meaning to the phase 'nothing is better than the original'. Read more

Driven To Write: 10 Ways To Earn Money Writing

Sandra Sealy talks about drive, commitment and smart things writers can do to boost their presence. Read more

Why I'm Now Publishing My Own Books

Graham Lord on self-publishing. Read more

Kevin Hosein On Writing And Publishing In The Caribbean

We caught up with Kevin Hosein, author of The Repenters, who was kind enough to answer a couple questions. Read more

On Graham Lord

On January 22, 2013 we published Under A Hammock Moon by Graham Lord. This article talks about the author. Read more

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